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Smarter text assessment, ranking competitor analysis, data mining, and trend predictions to keep you creating your best web content.

machine learning

Machine Learning

Intelligent web scrapping

Intelligent Web Scrapping

comprehensive SEO auditing

Comprehensive SEO Auditing

SEO Auditing

Kiai uses an advanced web scrapper to crawl and analyze your web content. We provide actionable insights to help you refine and improve your search ranking. Our solution aligns the message with the audience while staying consistent with search engine optimization principles. We’re not just generating more traffic for your site, we’re generating the right traffic for your site.

Competitor Analysis

Kiai uses insights derived from your web content to find your closest competitors. We use natural language processing to help you stay ahead.

Trend Builder

Kiai leverages our constantly growing index of the web to help you stay on top of current trends. We aggregate current news and social media posts from all across the web to create predictive models for topics that will drive the traffic you want to your site. Stop hunting and guessing what your visitors want to read and write smarter web content, faster, and keep your customers engaged.

Automate your web audits and competitive analysis.

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